Top 3 Reasons to Vacation in Cabo Mexico

Jun 5, 2021

1. Pristine beaches

A walk on Madero Beach is magical.  Not once will you encounter a rock, sea debris, a shell, or anything else other than warm brown sand between your toes. Located on the Sea of Cortez, the waves are mesmerizing as you watch each set of seven crash to the shore. It doesn’t get much better than this if you like sun and sand.

2. Beautiful blue warm water filled with sea life. Water activities abound in Cabo. There are plenty of beaches you can easily get to yourself or with a tour guide. 3 different reefs to snorkel. One is 2 hours away, but, it’s a marine reserve—Cabo Pulmo will be sure to surprise you. Sea lions, whales, sea turtles and thousands of fish swim in this protected area. Closer to Cabo San Lucas, a sea taxi is very affordable to take you to the enormous rocks that separate the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. See through the window to the Pacific. Snorkel at Pelican Rock and spend time on Lover’s and Divorce beach. All for one low excursion price. Nana World Wide travel can book everything to make your trip a seamless, priceless experience.

3. Clean,  bougie resorts. Enormous pools with breath taking views of the Sea. Fun activities and delicious dishes. You’ll find something for everyone in your group at the amazing establishments that line the beach. Plus some fun too. Mango Deck is known for its competitions and the nightlife in downtown Cabo San Lucas is brimming with unforgettable memories.

They say once you go to Cabo you’ll keep returning. Try it and see if that holds true for you. It sure will for me!